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Thomas Ferney & Co.
0708s - $1850


Thomas Ferney Handmade Sporting Shotguns 


Made to order "bespoke" and semi-custom sporting shotguns direct to the consumer


Thomas Ferney & Co's over under shotguns & side by side shotguns are highly sought after by collectors, hunting and target shooting enthusiasts. Their reputation for quality, accuracy and graceful handling characteristics are well known to the upper echelon of country sport enthusiasts. In addition to these highly desirable functional attributes, TF&Co.'s shotguns are highly valued for their handmade artistic nature and their very low production volume.

Thomas H. Ferney began his outfitting business from a small room in his father-in law's custom tailoring shop located near the "Old Four Corners" in New Bedford, Massachusetts over 140 years ago. 


Beginning in 2010, Christian Handy resurrected and 

re-imagined his Great Great Grandfather's brand with an eye toward outfitting modern sportsman and woman. The brand's reemergence focuses around his passion for the outdoors and traditional

"Country Sport".  


Thomas Ferney & Co. is proud to be carrying forward Thomas's passion and legacy to a new generation of sporting enthusiasts. 


We invite you to explore the world of Thomas Ferney & Co. 

The Things We Own Tell A Story  

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